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If your bank is going to take your family’s house, or even if you’ve already had a cout action started, it may not be too late to save your home. You have options and unless you know what those rights are, you won’t be able to {mount the best possible legal oposition to defend your home.
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What is a foreclosure on a mortgage in Columbus New Jersey?

If you stop making your mortgage payments, your bank will most likely foreclose on your property.  In New Jersey, your bank have go through a “Judicial Foreclosure” which requires many steps to take your family’s house from your family.  The New Jersey Fair Foreclosure Act (NJ-FFA) describes the steps that {your lender are required follow to take your home. Federal requirements that the {your bank are required to follow such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices ACT which controls what collection agencies are allowed to do when contacting you.

Why is New Jerseystill bogged down with foreclosure cases?

The answer is easy to see.  Bad things happen to good people.

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